FMF Sets Mexico-US Gametime

When the CONCACAF hex schedule came out, there would be two games that would be played midweek without a Saturday game complement. That meant very little practice time for the teams' foreign contingency. To make matters more interesting, that slate of games included the US-Mexico tilt, both in February, and the upcoming game at the Coloso de Santa Ursula, the stadium that has hosted more world cup games than any other in the world. We all know it as the Estadio Azteca.

August in Mexico City is more San Francisco than Phoenix, especially at night. So other than the altitude and the stands, the homefield advantage is a little diminished.

In a stunning move, though, the FMF has eschewed the primetime rating$ of a night game for a little gamesmanship. The midweek game has been set for a 3pm start. So the other half of the homefield equation: the sun and the smog, will be at full bore.

It's not often that the FMF makes decisions based on the sport instead of the economic impact. Perhaps the reality of a possible world cup absence has perpetuated this change.

If it works out for them, could this signal a start of trend where the FMF puts the team and the game first, ahead of the mighty dollar?