Silly Sunday Quiz

No quiz from Ollie? I'll try to cover for him.

1. Queen's Park, Dartmouth, Bulawayo Highlanders, Melrose Place, Los Angeles Galaxy, Gracie. Whose career path?

2. Diving cheating son of a bitch, fiery competitor with an amazing finish, diving cheating son of a bitch, hell maybe he'll find his old form, washed-up fat-ass hack. Whose career path?

3. Free kick specialist, national team goat, overrated, hilarious penalty miss, overrated and overpaid even by the standards of an overpaid and overrated locker room, money grab, attempted contract breach, locker room cancer, failed attempt as a commentator due to his silly squeaky voice, failed managerial career due to being as stupid as an iron pillow, ends life in Michael Jackson's hyperbaric chamber after a series of disastrous plastic surgeries. Whose career path?

4. What's the one way to beat them?

5. Per question 4, who was the worst rapper in the history of the entire universe?

6. What was the score when the game was called off in "All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit"?

7. What's a pirate's favorite football team?

8. Second favorite?

9. Third favorite?

10. Favorite Spanish team?


1. Little miss.
2. Little miss.
3. Little miss.
4. Little miss.
5. Little miss.
6. Little miss.
7. Little miss.
8. Little miss.
9. Little miss.
10. Little miss.


YouTube - Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

Result (highlight to reveal): 1. Andrew Shue
2. Carlos Ruiz from my perspective
3. David Beckham (projected)
4. Get 'round the back!
5. There is no truth to the rumor that Insane Clown Posse heard "World In Motion" and thought, hell, if John Barnes can rap, so can we!
6. 4-0, each one a dodgy penalty
7. ARRRRRRsenal
9. Plymouth ARRRRRRRgyle
10. Avast! A doughty pirate preys on the Dons, taking Spanish doubloons from Cartagena to the Cape! By the bones of the jolly ROger, he'd sooner eat salt tack and shoe leather than support a lily-livered, landlubbering Spaniard! (But if he did, it would probably be BARRRRRRRcelona.)