Jaqua's Attorney Responds

Seattle FC striker Nate Jaqua's attorney, David Angeli, issued a statement late Friday afternoon in which he called allegations against his client "baseless" and said Jaqua was "shocked" to hear of them.

(I'm just hoping, for everyone's sake, that it's A DIFFERENT DAVID ANGELI but who knows?)

(What a relief: THIS IS THE GUY. I'm certainly no expert, but that looks like one hell of a strong pedigree.)

The statement continued: "The complaint -- which has not even been served on Nate -- is baseless. It alleges events that purportedly took place two years ago. In the past two years, Nate has never been contacted by the police, the District Attorney's Office, the plaintiff, her lawyer, or anyone else regarding these allegations. Nate has confidence in the legal system and is certain that these allegations will be proven to be false."

The Seattle PI is also reporting that THE JAQUA FAMILY WILL BE RELEASING A STATEMENT later today.

UPDATE: The Seattle Times says the Jaquas will release their statement at 4 PM EUGENE TIME which, for those of you in San Jose, is 7 PM Eastern.

Shockingly, at least one writer BLAMES HUSS. We should have seen it coming.*

The plaintiff's attorney, one RANDALL VOGT, isn't responding to requests for comment.

As the PI describes, he gained some fame a few year back when he offered a novel "post-traumatic slave syndrome" defense for a man who beat his 2 year old son to death, claiming - apparently - that beating infant children into unconsciousness was part of his Southern upbringing.

The judge, surprisingly unmoved, gave the guy life.

Mr. Vogt apparently specializes in this type of lawsuit.

*Note: See, it's kind of a play on words: "Big Soccer" - "BigSoccer". The guy is being sarcastic by calling MLS "Big Soccer" like, you know, all the things that are officially demonized have the word "Big" tacked in front of their industry to show that you're required to hate them.

Did I really have to explain that?