FATBack 13 - plus, I need ethics lessons

Four At The Back tries and fails to come to terms with the Confederations Cup this week. Well, I shouldn't speak for Kenn in that case. Kenn interviews Tom Wynn of the Milwaukee Wave, and Roger Allaway, author of [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Corner-Offices-Kicks-Roger-Allaway/dp/1878282581/ref=pd_ybh_1?pf_rd_p=280800601&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_t=1501&pf_rd_i=ybh&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=0RSZMQW2AFJJ9TTJW5WA]"Corner Offices and Corner Kicks"[/ame] - it's Plutarch's "Parallel Lives," except with the Cosmos and Bethlehem Steel.

Also, I belittle the USL's achievement in the Open Cup. Because I live in an ivory MLS tower of snobbishness.

In other news...I'm pretty much trawling for the sardines in Bill's last couple of posts here. So, in the words of the late Timothy Treadwell, bear with me.

First, Steven Cohen. Um...the guy put up a fundraiser site claiming to raise money for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. That's...horrible. Just disgusting.

I got no problem with Cohen going the PBS route, even though Barnum's quote about suckers and money storms into mind. But the HJC thing moves the needle well into Reprehensibleville.

There's also the larger issue of whether we as bloggers and posters can address the subject without raising the ire of the kind of people who think it's worth the time to leave comments about how this isn't worth their time. I've been keeping track of this crap, too, and I got in my little drafts folder a LONG overview of this. I thought the story would be over by now, to be honest, but I'm celebrated for my patience. And if the thought of that being posted somewhere on the Internet gives you the puddly chills, consider this yet another fair and ample warning. Back button's to your top left.

Then there's Nate Jaqua. This link that started the whole story rolling is down right now, but I think I got the gist from elsewhere.

I know people aren't supposed to indulge in a rush to judgment on cases like this. I never blogged about it, but in my own mind I got burned by believing the Duke lacrosse players were guilty, for example. I also feel like pointing out that, between Raul Diaz Arce, Mario Gori, and Fredy Montero, MLS is still running a clean sweep of accusations of sexual assault adding up to nothing.

And I also know that it's bad form to just read a few sentences, ESPECIALLY where potential criminal behavior is concerned, and make snap assumptions. And - well, this is where the ethics lesson comes in - it's probably not even cool to make conclusions on a topic like this before a jury is empaneled, even anonymously on a message board...let alone using my real name on the home page of a fairly prominent soccer site.

For one thing, I don't speak for everyone here, something that we don't make clear enough often enough.

So, I feel I need to preface all this before giving this opinion, because it's a more serious subject than, say, how far Charleston will go in the Open Cup.

Anyway. NATE JAQUA IS COMPLETELY ********ING INNOCENT. I will bet a testicle and a half. I'd need forty head of cattle and a pallet of Ex-Lax to get the bullshit supply in that one court filing.

I don't know whether it's wrong in EVERY detail. For example, I think Oregon does actually have a women's soccer team. After that, though.

My theory is, this was filed in order to give soccer comedy bloggers some easy material. Like how an MLS player is gonna come up with five or ten million fish.

I didn't need to go any further for this snap decision, but I did anyway. Bill mentioned the accuser's attorney, Randall Vogt. In the words of Judas from Mr. Show's "Jeepers Creepers," check this shit out.

A lesser lawyer than Vogt would have ended up getting his client life in prison...oh, wait, that's exactly what happened. [EDIT - Bill had this, too, of course.]

I know, you're probably also not supposed to assume that simply because someone hires a particular lawyer, that person is lying like a bearskin rug. And yet, here we are.

Maybe Jaqua can countersue, since he's suffering from Post-Traumatic Galaxy Syndrome.