Grant Wahl is going to sell an awful lot of books


In the interests of fairness, the Galaxy weren't a good team when Beckham found them. know, how does one process this?

Plus a lot of Landon Donovan just obliterating Beckman. A couple of weeks ago, that wouldn't have been quite so bad, but this week, it's like Neil Armstrong's first words out of the capsule in the Pacific were "David Beckham sucks."

Depressingly, the story isn't over. Because Leiweke and Anschutz played hardball, Beckham was extradited back to Los Angeles to serve the rest of his sentence. The predictable outcome is that he stays in protective custody, serves his time, and flees the day the Galaxy are eliminated from playoff contention. Which, seeing as how the Galaxy will field ten men when Beckham returns, should be sometime around Labor Day.

It's theoretically possible that Beckham wil re-rediscover his commitment to football, and lead the Galaxy on one final glorious charge seriously, who am I kidding. He's about as popular in the locker room as Chiva Fighter. His focus is on the World Cup, and his primary mission is to not get injured. He was great for the league's finances, horrible for the Galaxy.

Again - Beckham wasn't the sole reason the Galaxy are what they are today. The problem started in the 2003 season, as the complacent champs half-assed their way to mediocrity, and was exacerbated by literally every decision made since signing Hong Myung-Bo (with the exception of heisting Donovan from Germany and the Earthquakes). But unless Wahl is just ridiculously wrong, it's hard to argue that Beckham wasn't anything but poison for the Galaxy.

For the league, it was worth it. Even for the Galaxy, it was worth it - now they have a nice nest egg they can use to build a proper team. But it was a high price to pay, and we still have five more months of this? MAKE AN OFFER, MAN CITY! CHELSEA! SPURS! SOMEBODY!