FATBack - The full Shep Messing interview

I'm in a great mood today. The local child molestor died, that's always a good thing.

Plus, we have - well, mostly Kenn has - the FATBack special edition: the complete Shep interview. Guy's an icon.

And...okay, I guess I should address this. My blog entry yesterday was really, really misunderstood. I have to take a lot of responsibility for that. I can't assume that everyone has read every previous blog post, for one thing. I also need to own that I might have misdirected some of the comedy. The concept of "stupid-right," for example, is something I believe works. And I still think if you really looked at the rosters, the form, the previous results, and still predicted a US victory? Stupid-right. (Same with Brazil, to be honest. Although Brazil looked vulnerable against South Africa in a way that Spain frankly hadn't at any point since, what, before Euro 2008? - you shouldn't really be predicting a US win without admitting what a huge, unlikely upset it would be.) But that tangent took away from the focus of the real issue, the varying demands to fire or keep Bob Bradley.

So I think now is a good opportunity for me to clarify, as best I can, what I think Bob Bradley's future with the national team program should be.

I realize most of you are relatively recently converted fans. Well, I've been following American soccer ever since David Beckham was signed by the Galaxy, so I've seen a lot of changes. But too much has stayed the same. It's inexcusable that US Soccer wants to stick with coaches who have no track record, and is too cheap and shortsighted to hire a foreign coach who is in tune with the culture of the game. There are so many great international soccer geniuses out there who can teach us how to really be a soccer nation - people Sven-Goran Eriksson, Ruud Gullit, John Carver, Greg Ryan or Juan Carlos Osorio.

And yet all I've read about this week is how our real focus should be on nonsense like winning games and getting good performances out of our players. It makes me sad and sick - and it's very hard to weep and puke at the same time. As US fans, we need to cheer for Brazil to beat us, so we don't continue to have false hope that we can beat teams like Brazil. And while I respect all of my readers' right to disagree, the fact remains that people who believe Bob Bradley should remain coach of the national team should be rounded up and sent to death camps.

I hope this clears things up.