And The Beat Goes On

God, what an appallingly unoriginal headline. "Atlanta: We Got The Beat" would at least have referenced a better song.

Suggestions that WPS choose "Atalanta Atlanta" or "Atlante Atlanta" fell on predictably deaf ears. Logos posted below, using technology I have only recently discovered called "Manage Attachments."

(I know the result of the US-Brazil game, but I haven't seen the game, or any (ha!) highlights. In fact, I may never watch. I may never mention the game. I may never talk about the US National Team again.)

The more aggressive colors of the WPS logo tells me that I'm not imagining things - this is self-consciously a "tougher" league than WUSA. But that's not the same as ignoring WUSA. This makes the third city that will run with the old WUSA name from the getgo.

MLS rather famously treated the NASL like the idiot stepchild in the attic with rabies, leprosy and bad breath, and is only recently repenting - largely because of fan reactions. WPS isn't waiting. The WUSA didn't work, but WPS is not going back and saying "Yeah, when you supported that old team? You were being foolish. That wasn't a real team." It's a neat way to validate fans who gave quite a lot of emotional investment, only to have their tiny little hearts torn out of their chests.

The other thing to notice is how much more confidence various women's soccer leagues have in Atlanta than men's leagues. Okay, it's false equivalence to compare the two women's first division teams with the MLS suggested maybe expansion team, when the expenses between the two, even in WUSA times, weren't really that comparable.

But Atlanta has a reputation as an awful sports town. Too Busy To Hate is wonderful, Too Busy To Cheer is not.

Yes, the Falcons have hardcore masochists; yes, the Hawks and Thrashers stink; and yes, it's probably unfair to hold an unsold playoff game against the Braves for over a decade. Atlanta is something like the seventh largest media market, and it punches nowhere near that weight on the sports scene. And then there's all those cursed men's soccer teams, the Chiefs and the Ruckus and however many Silverbacks there have been.

Except, apparently, for women's soccer. The original Beat won all the time, except in their last games of the season. Whatever the problems were for the WUSA, Atlanta wasn't one of them. Heck, the Silverbacks are actually still playing, and their website tells me they're undefeated - of course, that's an amateur women's team, so again, the comparison with a USL-1 team doesn't fly. But they didn't shut down the women's team, presumably because there's a market for them.

It won't be the same Beat that won all the time - Sun Wen and Cindy Parlow are retired, Briana Scurry might as well. But it'll be a good Beat, and you can dance to it.

The only real problem is getting away from the cover band.