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Wow, Giuseppe Rossi is the way to keep the comments line burning.

So, let's talk about something else before the Brazil game.

Ordinarily, for me it would be WPS - I hope you enjoyed the goal on FSC Sunday, because that was the only one all weekend. Ouch. It might be time for me to admit the St. Louis A's are better than I thought....

...except last week I said "Hm, maybe Bruce Arena has turned the Galaxy around," and his team put on a performance that deserved to be looped with "Yakety Sax" in the background.

But, Aaron posted a shiny object, so let's talk about World Cup stadiums.

(Wait a minute, Aaron - you're crediting Goff for breaking this news? I'm sure he has mad reporting skeelz and all, but it wasn't like US Soccer is keeping this all top secret.)

Let's assume that we do, in fact, host either in 2018 or 2022. (As opposed to, judging by early returns from the Confederations Cup, in 2010. I hate Rossi like all of you do, but I'd rather him score a hat trick in the Final than hear those horns for two months.)

(And yes, I know those horns are an Azteca staple. It just means that Mexico fans are bad people who do bad things and should feel bad about themselves.)

(We're winning! BLAAAT! We're losing! BLAAAT! Wow, horrible call! BLAAAT! I love that player! BLAAAT! I hate that player! BLAAAT! Hey, look, a UFO! BLAAAT! Someone's posting on the Internet about how mind-bogglingly stupid it is to have a form of fan atmosphere where you can't tell cheering from booing! BLAAAT!)

...I am nowhere CLOSE to getting that out of my system, but let's move on to what I pretended I wanted to talk about.

First of all, I assume leaving off Iowa City was a typo. I'm still pencilling in Kinnick Stadium for the Final.

Second, I'm sticking by my guns. Fayetteville, Knoxville, Birmingham, Charlotte and Ann Arbor are partly on the list to pad out the number of suitable stadia this nation has, and partly to gin up some soccer interest in new markets. Well, hey, I wouldn't have thought of Salt Lake City as a soccer citadel either before 2005. It costs literally nothing to put places like this on the list, so why not do it? If I had to guess, Madison, Iowa City and whoever else said "Um, no, we're not going to uncrown our field or do any of the other literally thousands of things we'd have to do to be under remotely serious consideration," while everyone else on the list said "Sure, why not, according to the Maya calendar we'll all be dead by then anyway."

Third - Las Vegas is Sports City USA? Fine, then, Green Bay is now Gambling City USA.

Seriously, what the blue hell is this supposed to be? A conspiracy to make Columbus Crew Stadium look like the Taj Mahal?

Google thinks I may have the wrong website - okay, let's try this one.

*standing ovation*

Look, everyone loves Las Vegas, there's not a city in the world like it, and people who don't want to go there aren't the sort of people who choose World Cup cities. It's on the list because it's Las Vegas, and because Vapor Stadium has a long and honored tradition of appearing on World Cup bids of all nations. We're baiting and switching.

If Phoenix and their admittedly beautiful stadiums have to figure out what to do about a July afternoon start time (unless Europe is willing to watch games on tape), then Las Vegas is nonsensical. Might as well bid on the Winter Olympics while they're at it.

Fourth...for perspective's sake, here are the stadia that hosted the 1994 World Cup:

Sister Souljah Field (Opening Game)*
Rose Bowl (Final)
Stanford Stadium
Cotton Bowl
Foxboro Stadium
Giants Stadium
Citrus Bowl
RFK Stadium

It wasn't until I looked at that list that I realized how quickly stadiums age these days. Foxboro Stadium has been demolished and replaced, Giants Stadium will be, the Silverdome has been abandoned, and all the rest except the Rose Bowl have been or are being remodeled.

Anyway, in looking at all these potential sites, I think the 2018 Final will be hosted in...Wembley. Sorry, folks.

The 2022 Final will be hosted...thirteen years from now, and look what fifteen years did to the 1994 hosts. (I think it'll be in East Rutherford, though. Unless Los Angeles builds a stadium HA HA HA sorry, local joke - we'll build the world's biggest igloo before we build another stadium.)

*Fifteen years ago today. What sports-related event completely upstaged it?

Result (highlight to reveal): Game Five of the Knicks-Rockets Finals. Can you believe the Knicks were in the Finals as recently as fifteen years ago? Hell, they were in the Finals ten years ago!

...also, the OJ slow-speed chase.