Old Ugly is Better Than Old Nothin'

Darrel Royal, in addition to being one of the best college football coaches, was also a master of the sound byte. That's his quote that I use to title this blog today, and I couldn't think of a better way to encapsulate what happened last night at the Azteca.

Mexico won, 2-1, should have had more goals, but there I go what-iffing. And anyone can what-if. I don't really understand why the Mexican media is at their fatalist best again. Were they really expecting Mexico to look like a finely tuned machine? More than half the team hadn't been playing in over a month. And the majority of those guys hadn't seen the field for longer than that. The players were rusty and were playing for their 4th coach in 14 offical games. Not exactly a rolling ball of butcher knives.

So now Vasco has some games to find the players he needs to get back on song. Luckily for him, CONCACAF's greed will allow him to give deserving players a long look and a chance to establish at least a semblance of continuity at the gold cup. With all of their get out of jail free cards used up, Mexico can't afford to drop any points anywhere. All they can do now is live one day at time and scratch where it itches.