FATBack #10 - paper and plastic

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Who says you should never play soccer on fake turf? Kenn and I - mostly Kenn - interview Zach Walker, defending national champion of Subbuteo. I have a set at home, courtesy of a garage sale. Which teams did it come with? I dunno. Claret and blue home team of Aston Villa (or West Ham) (or Burnley - how come no one ever talks about Burnley?), probably. I would like to think the other team is Bayern Munich...except Villa wore white on that fateful day in 1982. The other team is white, red and black horizontal stripe. I have it narrowed down to "not the Metrostars."

Also this week. If you enjoyed my incoherent blog post about Kyle Martino's interview with David Beckham, then you'll enjoy me saying a shorter version out loud probably slightly less.

Toronto moves a league game to accommodate Real Madrid. Toronto fans complain, the poor naive saps. I remember when I found out my MLS team put money over honor. I think it was in 1994.

Plus - Kenn and I discuss whether the United States should field a soccer team made up of the best American players. It would be called "the United States National Team," and they could play teams representing other nations. Kenn thinks it would be fun - I have my doubts.

Also - I miss the point of the lightning round, and we're still not tired of the Final Thoughts joke!