FMF, CONMEBOL Kiss and Make Up -- Vela Tells it Like it Is

It’s amazing what a couple of bahama mamas can do for frayed relationships. Femexfut and Conmebol have kissed and made up. Mexico will continue to participate in the Copa Sudamericana, the Copa Libertadores, and, along with Japan , will participate in the 2011 Copa America . As we had mentioned earlier, both need each other: one for economic reasons and the other for competitive ones.

Chivas and San Luis will enter the 2010 Libertadores in the round of 16, and 3 other Mexican squads will fight their way through. Monterrey and Puebla will be the participants in this year’s Sudamericana. I was halfway expecting CONMEBOL to award the 2011 Copa America to Mexico , but I guess not. Maybe they should have had one more bahama mama.

Banco Santander made it pretty clear that their title sponsorship was more beneficial for them if there was Mexican participation in the Libertadores. Regardless, it’s good to see cooler heads prevail. I would have preferred, though, that Chivas and San Luis just be given automatic births in the tournament, not a free pass to the round of 16.

Carlos Vela made some pretty telling remarks yesterdayas the Tri prepares for 2 crucial qualifiers. In his comparison of Javier Aguirre and SGE, he said “Aguirre has the advantage of being Mexican, and he knows that we have to be constantly pushed in order to do our work.” On SGE “Ericksson was used to working with a European player where he says something once, and the player does it.” He added, “here players have to be hounded to get the best out of him. Javier knows how to do that.” Imagine that. Ericksson expecting his players to do what he asked. How was he supposed to know that the Mexican player needs to be coddled, pushed and prodded into doing what was asked by the coach? Doomed from the start? Evidently.

Vela, one of 3 players on the Tri who has never played professionally in Mexico (Gio and Nery are the others) wasn’t finished. “I think we have picked up some very bad habits, and I think its wrong that players have to be pestered to do their work. Over there ( Europe ), you have to change, or you’re gone. That’s what those of us who play over there are trying to bring.”

Out of the mouths of babes….