Pumas Wins the 2009 Mexican Clausura

Pablo Barrera celebrates his championship winning goal

After ending regulation locked in a 2-2 aggregate, 2nd half substitute Pablo Barrera slipped a shot past Miguel Calero in the second extra time to give Pumas a 3-2 aggregate victory over Pachuca. Pumas lift the trophy for the sixth time in their history. If only I could have seen the trophy presentation.

Telefutura viewers were not privy to the trophy presentation

My cable system does not carry Telefutura, so I had to scramble just to get a signal. When I finally did that, Telefutura was 15 minutes late in getting a proper signal from TV Azteca. And when it was all over, Telefutura could not wait long enough to switch off to Cine de las Estrellas. So no trophy presentation for us Telefutura viewers. Univision does the absolute bare minimum to broadcast these games. They delay them for no reason and the announcers are on their best day are very average. They can do better. A lot better.

Pachuca can be added to the very long list of Mexican teams that lose more than the game in defeat: they also lost their dignity. Chaco Gimenez, Paul Aguilar, and a host of other tuzos were all spared the ignominy of the direct red for douchebaggery. You lost the game guys, no need to lose your head as well.

Paco Palencia has always been a great player, and he really shined in the post season. His guile and experience steadied the nerves, scolded the immature, and led by example. It was one if his finest hours.

I almost lost my dinner when Bernal let Chaco’s goal in to tie the aggregate. I thought it only fitting that Barrera’s goal went in almost the same way.

Pumas was one of the few teams that did not make one roster move for the Clausura. And it looks like they might be set for a while. As for Pachuca, rumors swirl that their coach, Enrique Meza, is headed for Cruz Azul (again). This result might push him in that direction.

One last thing...