Pachuca, Pumas Each Look for Their 6th Title

The beans are on the stove, the beer is iced down, the carnitas are simmering, and the guac, well I have some time to make that. We want it fresh after all… everything is ready for the big game tonight. If Pumas can somehow hang on, their 6th title awaits.

Pumas and Pachuca both can join the small handful of teams that need the other hand to count their titles with a win tonight. A few teams need to use their toes. Pachuca can add another validation to their commitment of becoming one of the flagships of Mexican futbol. Pumas has made its own history, but it would be nice to one day see a renewed commitment to what made them great in the first place: discovering, nurturing, and unleashing talented young Mexican players.

I have mixed feelings about how the Mexican Primera crowns its champions. The 2-season seasons I don’t mind, but the 8 (and sometimes 10) team playoffs are a little much. It seems silly to me that such a short 17 game season would call for such a long post season tournament. It would make a little more sense to me if the short seasons culminated with a 4 team playoff. 8 team playoffs seem more appropriate when the season has a full 34 game schedule. Of course, when the team you follow makes it to the big game, you’re willing to forgive such little indiscretions.