MLS Referees Continue Good Fortune In Their Choice of Critics

Is it the first robin of spring, singing her song announcing the rebirth of the world?

Is it the triumphant, glorious conclusion of the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony?

Is it your baby child saying its first words?

Is it the weeping and lamentations of your enemy?

No, none of these. The sweetest sound in the world is Chivas USA blaming an important loss on the refs.

We'll see how much headway Preki makes in Zurich on his crusade to legalize the two-handed push in the back in the penalty area.

I don't want to say that this is exactly why Chivas USA gets bounced out in the first round of the playoffs every year...wait a minute, no, that's exactly what I want to say. Every November, the Red-and-White-That-Aren't-FC-Dallas-Or-Toronto-Or-Chicago-Or-New-York get murderized by that year's underdog, and every November go to the press conference, wipe the ants off their face and insist they were the better team.

Look, I feel for Jesse Marsch, Designated Player Hunter. It's not like his second yellow was for fouling an actual human being, or anything like that. That doesn't change that he fouled the most popular player in front of his home crowd.

Although, points to Blanco for once again living out Sigi Schmid's Rule of Rolling Over. Anything more than twice = fake fake fake. He might as well have done that Emperor Norton pose afterwards. Even I'd have put the card back in the pocket after seeing that, although I'd have had to add five more minutes of injury time after I got finished laughing.

But you'd think that Chivas USA would have a kind word for the referees for even letting Sacha Kljestan finish the game. By the way, Sacha, thanks for continuing to make me look real smart by tabbing you as the next young American star. If not for yourself, or your country, can you at least not stink up the next couple of qualifiers for my sake?

Or for allowing Trujillo to play last night, after shoving Josh Wolff for his headbutt fake. Not that Wolff didn't deserve to be tossed, really. Before July of 2006, a shadow headbutt probably wouldn't have drawn any attention, but miming the most famous red card of the decade? What did Wolff think he was going to get, a knighthood? That said, Trujillo doesn't get to push back after not being hit.

It would be truly refreshing to hear coaches go after referees after a close win, for a change. Who knows, maybe even volunteer to give points back.

I realize coaches are in a plastic bubble with blinders on, so it's understandable that they're not comparing their woes with what's going on in the NBA (not the Oreo cookie makers - also not the people who put "Law & Order" on every night). But it could be so much worse. People think the NBA playoffs are fixed in ways that would make Serie A and Vince McMahon exchange skeptical Twitters. No one has even suggested that Jair Marruffo, still the biggest referee scandal in MLS history, is anywhere near the level of reprobracy of a Tim Donaghy.

There just comes a time when complete and utter lack of respect for fellow professionals does more harm than good. Fine, Preki and Chivas USA passed that point a long time ago - they probably haven't lost a legitimate game since 2006, if you ask them. But when the boss of the league's dirtiest team blames the refs for doing their jobs, no wonder Don Garber closes ranks on the side of the refs.