Champions League Hooky -- What's Your Excuse?

The big final is today, and if you’re stuck at work like I will be, perhaps we can come up with some legitimate sounding excuses to take the afternoon off.

The classic ailments.

stomach flu. But be careful, unless you look awful to go along with with the fib, this one may come back to bite you. Also, stomach flus usually last longer than an afternoon.

I prefer the migraine. The migraine headache is perfect for an afternoon of footie, or a round of golf with your slacker friends. The best thing you can do with the migraine is establish precedence. They usually only last a day, so you can be back at work, fresh as a daisy.

Domestic mishaps.

The dishwasher blew up. There’s water everywhere. There is a good variety of one day events that you can conjure up here.


Again, the possibilities are limitless. Just be sure to pick a crisis that needs your immediate attention, but has a short duration.

Use your imagination.

My blaugrana is acting up. I have to go take care of it.

My wife told me the Tevez capacitor on the air conditioner needs to be replaced. There is only one place in town that sells them, and they close at 4.

Then there’s the truth. But what’s the fun in that.

Enjoy the game.