"Talking a Good Game", with your host, Bruce Arena

EDIT - Nick Green beat me to this topic by several days, although I was waiting to see what happened in Dallas before posting. Plus, he got Sigi's reaction - ouch.

Larry Morgan got the Galaxy to talk some hilariously ill-advised smack on Thursday.

Having learned my lesson, I put on articles of Galaxy clothing representing all fourteen season and forty-six team colors, and watched us tie the worst team in the league with a man up for most of the game. Oh. Snap.

I may not know a whole lot about the game, certainly not as much as Bruce Arena, future Hall of Famer. But I just checked both the calendar and my GPS, and it turns out this isn't 1960's Italy. Two ties no longer equal a win and a loss.

Arena is entirely correct, of course. There have been teams that have won games that aren't necessarily good. I mean, it stands to reason, when there are ten teams ahead of you in the standings, they can't ALL be good. This isn't Big East basketball. The Galaxy have been playing well enough that Arena felt comfortable crowing about it, and the Revolution (to pick an example) have been playing badly enough that people are wondering for the first time about Nicol's future. The Galaxy are a grand total of one point ahead of New England. Yeah, that's manipulating statistics, in a way...since New England has a game in hand.

The Galaxy's good, solid improvement has gotten them exactly as far as Real Salt Lake's monstrous disappointment so far. Again, that's misleading, because I think RSL holds the tiebreaker.

FC Dallas isn't going to get a lot of reactions this season along the lines of "They were the better team but it was an unjust result," so they should savor this week's righteousness.

Yes, it certainly is difficult to build a team practically from scratch, in fact I don't know if

-sorry, don't know where that came from. Anyway, I can't think of another coach in the league who faced a similar challenge to what Bruce Arena

- boy, totally random images out of nowhere completely unconnected with the topic. Go figure.

But here's the thing about making progress - it means "progressing." A year ago in this same fixture, the Galaxy that gave "circus" a bad name won 5-1 and got Steve Morrow fired. So no, I suppose I don't know what "progress" means, because obviously I'm not going to get a straight answer from that damn lying dictionary.

Ah, but last year at this time the Galaxy had a player who was too sexy for New York or Japan. Which is the really frightening thing here. Arena might be correct, the Galaxy might be making progress, and just a few more weeks will start to show results proving him right. Just in time for Beckham to show up and take the credit.

(He's on the Galaxy splash page again, photoshopped into this year's jersey. Are we back to pretending he's a Galaxy player again? Wasn't he frantically trying to escape, still? Weren't Spurs or Madrid or someone going to bid on him? Please?)