Daughters of Ben Grassroots Effort to Name Philadelphia WPS Team "Charge" Fails Somehow

Did I tell you how if the Philadelphia MLS team wanted to be called "Athletic," then the WPS team should be the "Fillies"? No? Well, now I never can.

I realize WPS is being run on the shoestrings of snakes, but WPS was not quite ready with their Philadelphia nickname announcement.

To be fair, by the time you click on that link, something might be up. But as of late afternoon May 18 in the Year of Our Lord 2009, I'm getting a "Coming soon" placeholder page, from a press release link that promised me a way to buy season tickets. Which, in all honesty, I wasn't gonna - too tough a commute.

EDIT - okay, now you're getting something on that link.

WPS actually used both light blue and yellow, something the Union didn't have the grapefruits to go with. Sadly, from the picture, it looks like those are accent colors for the primary color...steel gray.

Well, there's probably not THAT much crossover between Eagles fans sensitive to color names - and it's not like the Steelers even have steel gray as a color. Still, they might want to pick other names for the other two colors besides cowboy yellow and raider blue.

Philadelphia also leads America in the number of official soccer team slogans. And to be honest, "We the People" is a better one than...Latin for "Join or Die." It slipped my mind, and I resent having to go look it up every time I want to talk about it. Jungite y Perdador, or something like that.

With those preliminaries out of the way, let's see how the Independence did in their logo design compared with the Union.


You know, I'm starting to wonder if the thinking was, if Philadelphia's MLS announcement was a hit, then two Philadelphia WPS announcements would be twice the hit.

So I have one last chance to influence the decision, or else to guess right if they've already thought of this idea. They didn't name the team after Molly Pitcher, but there's no reason they can't make her the mascot.

Makes for a stirring logo.

Certainly better than trying to make a logo out of guys gathering around to sign the Constitution.

I wonder if the logo will have anything to do with the little tiger stripe things going on near the neck and shoulders.

Hopefully not, though.

There. Wasn't this more fun to talk about than FC Gold Pride slashing their ticket prices? If other teams will pick slogans, what's Latin for "Tough noogies, season ticket holders"? (In fairness, the team seems to be giving their STHs an extra ticket for their troubles.)