Did Cruz Azul Forget They Were in a Final?

I guess sense of urgency was not high on the máquina's to do list last night. The first edition of the expanded Concachampions culminated... almost 3 weeks ago when el Hobbit buried Cruz Azul with a second away goal.

Cruz Azul didn't bother to try to dig their way out. With a chance to end one of their most disappointing seasons with another continental trophy and a chance to play in the Emirates this fall, Cruz Azul was not up to the challenge. Not even close. They looked like a team that was more worried about getting in early so that they can be ready for their morning tee-time at Mayakoba than they were about erasing a two goal lead.

As for Atlante, there is no question that they were the best team in this tournament, especially in the knockouts. They were happy to play kickball last night. They didn't need to anything else.