San Jose jumps a hurdle

Jay on Center Line has the story, I'm sure Soccer Silicon Valley will also have its take pretty soon. But the only thing that could cheer up Earthquake fans after losing Huckerby for another couple of weeks came through - the San Jose City Council has approved land for, among other things, a $60-$70 million stadium.

The sports pages are filled with stories of how formerly rapaciously successful teams ITTET have had to make cuts like Errol Flynn in "Captain Blood." Meanwhile, Seattle's cleaning up, Toronto's cleaning up, Red Bull Park is moving along nicely, and the Galaxy got $10 million to make up for the pain of, among other things, not having a packed Rio Tinto Stadium tonight.

Yeah, I only put the last part in as sugar for SSV. But who'd have thought back in 2005 that the Earthquakes would be a better long-term proposition than, to pick a couple of examples at random, the Sacramento Kings, or General Motors?

Back in what I believe is referred to as "the day," there were some doubts as to whether MLS would survive things like recessions and wars and stuff. Today, people are throwing around terms like "new Great Depression" like streamers at BMO Field, and what's MLS' reaction? Wondering how quickly they can expand.

So when I read about how terrible the attendance is for teams who own and control their own facilities, like Chicago and Dallas? My timbers fail to shiver.

Hell, stuff like this, I'm not even concerned about DC United. Yeah, District area pols have been enormous pains, but so were officials in literally every other MLS market, with the possible exception of Seattle. It wasn't as if San Jose politicians have spent the past decade or so trying to do nice things for MLS, and the Silicon Valley area during the life of MLS has seen both boom and bust before this. This is a new environment, and MLS is quietly moving forward. Which, compared to literally everything else in the entire world, is more impressive than the leaps and bounds MLS allegedly went through during Adumania and Beckhamania.

That's what it looks like, though.