Wild and Wooly Mexican Primera Heads Toward Frenzied Finish

Parity. The NFL likes parity because the competitiveness it spawns means more teams are in the hunt for for playoff glory as the season winds down.

The Mexican Primera might not have the salary cap, or any other method to level the playing field for its teams like the NFL does. Yet it seems like as every tournament winds down there are always a glut of teams that are trying to wedge into the liguilla. Is it parity? Or mediocrity?

The clausura comes to close with only 5 of the 18 teams mathematically eliminated. Another 5 are in, so the remaining 8 teams have a shot, no matter how slim, for the 3 slots up for grabs.

Unfortunately for the teams who need to get a result, the FMF has decided that the last matchday of the season will be played in empty stadiums yet again. Jaguares, Ciudad Juarez, Atlas and America will have home cookin' without fan support. Santos, Morelia, Chivas, and Tecos will get to play without having to worry about any flying projectiles during corner kicks.

Let's talk destiny. Only three control it: Santos and Atlas are in with a win. Tecos is in with at least a tie. Everyone else needs help. Fore each team, the domino pattern is more precarious than the next.

Because of the bizarre group system, teams are occasionally left out by the strength of their own group, and likewise, a team that may not be in the top eight might make it because they are second in their weak group. This time around, though, it looks like the top 8 will actually be the teams that make it...so long as Atlas wins.

Who makes it, then? The Mexican Primera is impossible to predict. Anyone who makes a living betting on those games probably has some funny lookin' thumbs.