USSF Suspends Marrufo PLUS: Don Calls Carver a Liar

Upon further review, the United States Soccer Federation HAS SUSPENDED REFEREE JAIR MARRUFO for two games as a penalty for accepting a post game thank you present from the Chicago Fire's Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

Jair's cards are getting a vacation

Steven Goff reports USSF spokesman Neil Buethe explained that

"The initial step in dealing with the situation was to remove Jair Maruffo from his assignment for this weekend. After careful consideration, the decision has been made to officially suspend him for this week and the following week."

Apparently they felt that one weekend off wasn't enough to "clear his head".

Personally, I'd just like to know what happened to the shirt.

I suppose after all of this Marrufo should just keep it. He's sure paid for it.

In other referee malfeasance news Kansas City Wizards (or, as Steven "Douchebag" Cohen calls them: "Kansas") Head Coach Curt Onalfo has been hit with a $500 fine for having some, shall we say, uncomplimentary comments as to the caliber of the job referee Paul Ward did in KC's 1-0 loss to Toronto last Sunday.

In an entirely un-Carverlike statement, Onalfo said "It's something I regret doing and I got fined for it and we move on."

Maybe he should try sitting up in the stands for their next game.

I understand you can actually coach better from up there. Or so I hear.

Finally in a statement posted on today, MLS Commissioner Don Garber had this to say regarding former Toronto Coach "Crazy John" Carver's claim that the league ordered him to come sit on the sidelines:

"Coach Carver stated publicly that he believed MLS requested or required that he coach from the sideline during games.

You should know that MLS did not request or require him to coach from the sideline.(emphasis mine)

The League does not have a policy requiring a coach to be on the sideline during a game.

While we were disappointed that multiple media outlets took Carver's assertion as fact without contacting MLS, TORONTO"S MO JOHNSTON SAID ON WEDNESDAY that it was the club's decision to have Carver on the field"

If I was of a particularly churlish bent I'd point out that the "media outlets" Commissioner Garber is referring to - the ones who didn't bother verifying Carver's paranoid rantings when a simple phone call to MLS would have clarified the rules - are almost exclusively north of the border, where they love nothing more than to take their "everybody hates us" routine out for a trot.

(I could also point out that bloggers like Ben Knight, Ben Rycroft and the notoriously obtuse Duane Rollins most likely know how to use email and telephones as well, but they're such classy guys that I'd never do such a thing.)

Quite clearly one of two things happened here:

1) Carver simply lied about the whole thing abd figured MLS wouldn't respond OR

2) Mo Johnston told him the order came from MLS.

Either way, it's interesting that The Commish felt he had to set the record straight, particularly because earlier in the week they announced that they would have "no comment" on Carver's accusations.

I'm beginning to wonder if, all kidding aside, Carver has some psychological issues that need to be addressed.