Marrufo Pulled From Next Assignment - Whereabouts of Blanco's Shirt Unknown

USSF has decided not to formally suspend referee Jair Marrufo for accepting a thank you gift from Cuauhtemoc Blanco after a match on Saturday.

However, he has been taken off of the game he was scheduled to call this weekend so that, in the words of a USSF official, he can CLEAR HIS HEAD

"Hey Landon - nice shirt you got there"

"He agreed he made an error in judgment in accepting the jersey after the match. according to USSF spokesman Neil Buethe.

Personally, I think it's terrific that Marrufo "agrees" that this was a really stupid thing to do. My question would be why the hell he didn't recognize this previously. What the hell planet does he live on?

Columbus Dispatch reporter Shawn Mitchell further says that "the whereabouts of the jersey are unknown". No word is available as to how far into his cheek his tongue was stuck when he wrote that.

"So Dave - is that a medium or a large?"

Personally, I'm thinking Marrufo is a fool if he doesn't put the thing on eBay immediately. When you get lemons, make lemonade I always say.

An MLS spokesman also confirmed that Blanco did in fact violate league rules by giving the referee a post-game thank you gift, but that he won't be facing disciplinary action.

Perhaps the rule punishes being stupid enough to hand the referee a present minutes after he sends someone off for running into you.

In any case, the fact that Marrufo is an old family friend of Blanco's might, I would think, legislate against him being put in situations where he can send players off who knock his pal down. Perhaps MLS might want to take that under consideration.