Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands

Some week, huh?

Sitting back and watching reaction to the porcine flu worldwide has been very interesting. Here in Texas, one confirmed case shut down entire school districts for two weeks. All high school competition, athletic and otherwise, has been postponed.

Mexico has essentially shut down completely. Luckily, this upcoming week is holiday anyway. As far as the footie is concerned, the games will go on, but behind closed doors. The FMF decided that all games in all divisions, 176 total, will take place as scheduled sans fans. Games that usually available on pay-per-view in Mexico will be broadcast for free.

Chivas got the result they needed in Viña del Mar, Chile – a 1-1 draw vs. Everton was enough to send them through to the knockouts. It was an eventful trip for the Guadalajara squad. They were verbally insulted at a local shopping center. “They made us feel like Lepers.” Gonzalo Pineda said.

San Luis also made it to the knockouts with a 2-0 win over Libertad. The second goal came in 2nd half stoppage time. Combined with San Lorenzo’s 2-0 win over Universitario, San Luis squeaks by the Peruvians by 1 in the goal differential.

But where to play the games? Earlier today, it appeared that FMF and CONMEBOL had reached an agreement. Colombia would be the Mexican teams’ “home field.” Evidently, someone forgot to ask the Colombians. They turned down request this evening. Stay tuned.

Lost in all this was the fact that Javier Aguirre conducted his first minicamp this week. It was as much of a meet and greet as it was a training session. El Vasco did say something encouraging… behind his mask. “I am going to call players that I believe in. I don’t care about age, height, where they play, if they are right-footed, or left footed. It doesn’t matter to me. I am not looking at anything other than what happens on the pitch.” One of his priorities is to find a replacement for Rafa, who is out for 2 months with a torn meniscus.

Considering how much money the team owners are going to lose over the next few days, I am surprised no one at FMF thought of this…