Klinsmann out - let the tizzying commence

I'm pretty sure Prost didn't break the story, but that's where I read it first, so he gets the credit from me.

The story, of course, is the de-Bayernification of Juergen Klinsmann. Who the hell is John Carver? (I know, he's the guy properly eviscerated below.) I haven't seen an upstaging this badly since the Who blew the Stones clean off the Rock and Roll Circus.

If all this was, was Martin Vasquez, that would be enough to set the rumor mill a-spinning. Champions of April Chivas USA have mastered the old beat-the-shorthanded-team-after-their-starting-keeper-is-sent-off trick, but - and I know, I'm just an inveterate Chivas hater - but I'm not entirely sold on that as a long-term coaching strategy.

Then there's Preki's well-known easy-going demeanor. A player's coach, a softie, a marshmallow, a cuddly little...there's a reason Panchito Mendoza, on his way to obscurity in Mexico, snarled over his shoulder about coaching on his way out. I read from Kyle McCarthy that the Prekster is now feuding with both Kljestan and Lillingston. Kljestan, well, I'm on Preki's side here, to be honest. Sacha's last Nats game was a stinker, and he's put more work into the Cosmo Girl shoot than with his club so far. Yeah, those travel brochures are enticing, but clubs might end up watching recent film if you're not careful.

But still, it's never terribly wonderful when you read this in the paper (er, or online):

Shouldn't this be a concern for both of you?

To this very hour, the Galaxy still take abuse for firing Sigi Schmid. "How can you fire a coach who's in first place?" Well, like this. "Preki, you're fired." You drop a coach who's getting bad performances out of good players. I'm also a big fan of firing a guy if a better candidate is available, and I think Martin Vasquez is a better fit for Chivas USA than Preki. Besides, if CUSA doesn't get him, someone else will.

Even Klinsmann's other sidekick, Nick Theslof, should get attention from MLS teams that know what they're doing.

The more interesting international story, of course, is Klinzi. The Galaxy have been lusting after Juergen since the creation of the team. Unlike, to pick an example entirely at random, Ruud Gullit, Klinsmann has coaching success he can point to, and unlike, to pick an example entirely at random, Bruce Arena, Klinsmann has a long (if unofficial) history with the Galaxy. He's the perfect mixture of circus and legitimacy.

The down side, of course, is that Klinsmann was fired for cause. You and I know that Bayern's problems were all caused by their failure to sign Landon Donovan, but other observers aren't so certain.

The nightmare scenario from AEG's point of view would be eating Arena's contract, then signing a blond Ruud Gullit.

Besides, why would the Galaxy make a change? They're playing so well.

"Hey, how about the US National Team?"

Well, it would make Jamie Trecker a belated Nostradamus, and quiet those of our fans who demand foreign expertise. Unlike the situation when Sven-Goran Eriksson misguided Mexico, Klinsmann at least as clue one about American players. And he's run a darkhorse national team before with success - although even the most pessimistic German wouldn't trade their talent pool for ours.

I highly doubt that Sunil and the Feds want to go through another protracted courtship - the last one bruised enough egos. And unlike Arena with the Galaxy, Bradley hasn't earned dismissal.

("And Preki has earned dismissal?" Well...yeah. Preki's won as many trophies as John Carver. Chivas USA could also go for Klinsmann - probably they should, couldn't hurt to ask - but I've never gotten a big "Let's win a bidding war!" vibe from CUSA.)

As Millward correctly points out, Klinsmann may decide to do nothing. Or he may decide to try his luck elsewhere - you'd have to think Spurs would be at least as motivated as the Galaxy or the US.

Vasquez and Theslof, though, aren't world-famous millionaires. They will be sending out resumes, and teams ought to pay attention. Assuming neither Los Angeles team takes advantage of this tremendous opportunity, I like the two of them in Dallas a lot - sorry, Schellas.

By the way. You know who Toronto should hire? Okay, yeah, Robin Fraser - he should have had a job a couple of years ago. But Toronto should hire Rick Titus. I remember Titus once boasted that he could pick a team of eligible Canadians that would beat anyone in then-coach Holger Osieck's squad. That kind of panache/arrogance might be a bad fit for the Canadian fed, but it would be perfect for TFC.