Futbol in Limbo

Chivas celebrates a goal in the cavernous Mexico68

Watching yesterday’s hinchaless games in Mexico City was one of the more bizarre experiences I’ve had. I appreciated hearing the chatter from the players, and the production truck was very selective in when we heard the shotgun mics in the coaches’ boxes. And a good thing too. Tuca Ferretti’s rants make a drunken sailors blush. But seeing the stands completely devoid of fans just made me sad. There were no goya chants, and how could the Pumas players know where the fans stood after 85 minutes? They didn’t hear “como no te voy a querer.”

What about this week?

Concacaf suspended the rest of the U17 qualifying tournament for the World Cup in Nigeria later this year. The tournament in Tijuana was prematurely ended in response to the Swine Flu scare. The last three games had no bearing on the outcome of who would represent the region: USA, Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica had all qualified for Nigeria. The US and Mexico blitzed through their completion, ending with a collective +21 goal differential.

Mexico’s top player was martin Galvan, the 16 year old niño maravilla who made an appearance for Cruz Azul in last year’s Interliga tournament. Cruz Azul could use the man-boy’s scoring punch. They are firmly in the midst of one of the worst spells in the clubs very proud history. They have not won a match in the league since February or won at home since week 2. They are 2 goals down in the Concachampions, and will have to wait until May 12 before they get the chance to scratch out a result in Cancun. Concacaf has also postponed the final for another 2 weeks.

Another Mexico City team that just can’t seem to snap out of it is Club America. Yesterday’s loss to tecos means they still have yet to win at home in this Clausura. Chances are very high that they will start next year near the very bottom of the relegation percentage table. Will we be seeing a more humble Club America next year? One that builds a team of players that complement each other instead a mish-mash of sexy names that look great on paper but can’t get it together on the field?

With the suspension of schools across the entire country through May 6, it will be very interesting to see if Femexfut goes with the country-wide fan lockout or just suspends the rest of the regular season altogether. It’s a choice I’m sure they never thought they would ever have to make.