Pod People

My name comes first because Kenn is a nice guy.

Plus, the PSA of the week has one of the world's best national anthems.

And the raves keep pouring in:

Well...there's Fighting Talker, but yeah. You want to hear from Kenn, and I'm in the way. That does suck. The homepage - so what? Lots of people post here. Don't complain, scroll on down. But you can't mute me on the podcast, and saying "Go listen to someone else" isn't fair to Kenn fans. I'll try to stop being horrible.

I've heard rumors of other podcasts starting up, but who knows. Okay, I do, but I'm being coy.

Bill blogged on Topic Four, but we had actually planned to talk about Bruce Arena. I actually meant to reference Bill's blog entry, too. So, while it LOOKS like we ripped him off something brutal, we actually didn't, and we didn't mean to make it look like we did.

Still, it is interesting to see the knives out for Bruce Arena. Like the Galaxy, people are at the point where they're rooting for him to fail - and like the Galaxy, it never stops being funny when it happens.

Funny from your point of view, not that of Galaxy fans. Like "Patton," Galaxy faceplants are so much more fun to watch than live through. In fact, I'll bet if the Cosmos signed all those guys and lost twenty games a year, the NASL would still be around.