El Hobbit Has Atlante Dreaming of Abu Dhabi

At 5’ 4” Christian Bermudez is one of, if not the smallest player in the MFL, and that’s saying something. His size, or lack there of, is probably the first thing people notice. He is el Hobbit, after all.

Hugo Sanchez overlooked el Hobbit for his Olympic fiasco. He built a team that relied on precise crosses from the flanks to feed his less mobile forwards. Sanchez didn’t choose Hobbit not because didn’t fit the profile. He does. Quite well, actually. Hobbit is one of the better servers in the MFL. Sanchez couldn’t get past his height.

And that’s a shame.

Every time I watch Bermudez play, the last thing I notice is his size. His technical skills, style of play, consistency and soccer brain speak for themselves. He stamped out the last flickers of any hope Cruz Azul had of salvaging any kind success in 2009 with the second goal in Atlante’s 2-0 romp. With the away win, Atlante has reservations on hold for Dubai and the World Club Championship in December.

Hobbit celebrates his goal

And still, the first thing that comes out of peoples’ mouths about Bermudez: he’s too short. It shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to River Plate. Diego Buonanotte is only 5-2, and he has done very well for los millonarios. Alain Giresse was one of my favorite players growing up. He helped France make the semi finals in consecutive world cups and win the Euro in between. He was also 5-4. Does anyone remember who Mack Herron was?

Isn’t it enough that Bermudez has been able to play at a very high level for the past few years? He knows better than anyone that he has to work harder to achieve success. Isn’t that the kind of player we like? The kind we admire? Javier Aguirre stated in his press conference that he is looking for players who will give it their all or die trying. So far in this Clausura, and for his entire career so far, fewer stand taller in this category than Hobbit. He has no choice.