Four at the Back - Jesse Marsch speaks

Boy, I dodged a bullet this week on Four at the Back. Kenn cut out where I said something to the effect that coaches know more about the game than referees, so I don't have to make this FATBack post a huge apology and clarification. Coaches have to know scouting and tactics and motivation - at least, I think they do, I'm a Galaxy fan so I couldn't say for sure - but that's a far cry from saying coaches know more about the game than referees.

Fortunately, as I said, Kenn made a judicious cut, so I won't wake up tomorrow morning with an A.R.'s head in my bed.

Kenn interviews Jesse Marsch. You will quickly guess that he did this without me, and a good choice. The topic was Chivas USA's great start, and me going "Yeah, WHATEVER" wouldn't have been productive.

Plus - why aren't you going to games anymore? Huh? What, you're too good for MLS? Is that it? You're all big now? You think you're big? What?

Also: the US Soccer Supporters Club (we're agin it).

All this, the PSA of the Week, and my Final Thoughts. Hey, look, iTunes. Forty-one subscribers are unlikely to be wrong!