Family Drama

6:00 PM ET - Telemundo

I see the bumper stickers around here all the time: “a house divided” -- half of it in burnt orange and the other half in maroon. Ahhh love, even the unholiest of unions can be conquered. It's still pretty gross.

I used to know a Spaniard who was always in bitter disputes with his brother. They wouldn’t talk for months, years even. But if they were in the same room when la Furia was playing, at least for the 90 minutes that followed, they were inseparable chums. But what if you had a family member who rooted for the mortal enemy?

It was the last question I asked my Chivas and America supporters. What happens when a family member roots for the wrong team?

Again we had another gambit of responses:

The Friendly rivalry:

“My dad is a Wila..jaja! como un buen chilango No heavy drama. we just bust each other's balls every now and then all in good fun.”

“My uncle and grandma always give me crap, asking me why I don't switch teams already. It's all in good taste.”


“Most of my family are Chiva fans. I don't know if you remember the Mastercard commercial where the Dad is giving his kid all these gear of his team (which happened to have the same colors as Chivas). Then, all of a sudden, the kid comes out wearing the colors of the rivals (blue and yellow), to the disillusionment of his father. That pretty much sums up my experience.”

[ame=""]Oh, yes, we remember[/ame]


“My cousin is a chiva fan and I remember watching one clasico at my grandmas house. America losses 1-0 and my cousin started talking s***. So i got up and broke his nose...we were like 11 at that time.”

And yes, even a house divided:

“I have been married for less than a year and my wife is a Chivista. Looking forward to experience some drama. Other than than just typical shouts with cousins and uncles.”

I want to thank all the Americanistas and Chivas who helped me out this week. Enjoy the game.