Why my blogroll is two and a half feet long

DuNord did it as a convenience for you, the reader. I do it as a convenience for me, the me. When I'm running short of topics, sure, sometimes the USSF does something agonizingly insulting to give me a topic, but mostly I just bogart other people's topics. Works like a freaking charm.

By the way, I dunno if DuNord is officially back, but it's worth checking out his latest entry. I'm the world's last living Alexi Lalas fan, but even I laughed (while hoping no one ever takes a hatchet to me with such thoroughness).

Those of you who rightly and properly enjoy The Offside Rules might nevertheless have skipped by his link to Don Garber on Fox Business Channel. Yeah, it looks like (and probably is) the seventeenth most interesting video he posted of the week, but is it ever informative. Garber said Beckham will certainly be back in July, contrary to the lack of advertising concerning said return and the Jump To Conclusions Mat I used. (We'll see.)

The topic turned to shirt sponsorships, and Garber was very enthusiastic about making the point about brand exposure for companies. I realize I've lost the sponsorship argument, but it's interesting to see how the hosts - Dagen McDowell and Joe something, sorry, missed his name - justified it. Sure, it wasn't exactly a hit piece on the league, but this wasn't Gary Miller pronouncing Sacha Kljestan's name fifteen different ways, either. Joe turns out to be a Blackburn Rovers fan who went to the very first Metrostars game (although he blanked out on what they were called then, that's just fine with the current owners), and McDowell brought up NASCAR. Garber said the MLS audience is focused these days on the young and the Hispanic. That's a fairly representative group of people who simply take advertising on shirts completely for granted, and have no trouble differentiating the sponsor from the team name.

Yeah, it's refreshing in some tiny way to see MLS not worry about having to educate the unwashed masses on how the international game is run. But I still have to wonder how San Jose fans are dealing wearing "Amway" out and about. New York fans who wear recent jerseys also seem to find conversations about energy drinks, shall we say, unedifying. We'll see. But it looks like the general public is tolerating it.

I cannot believe Bill hasn't jumped all over this with hobnail boots, but his very best pal Duane has a great "Guess the quote" post.

And, if you're sick of Galaxy posts, then the time to stop reading was about one second ago. The Hammer is back, and this time the nail is Frank Yallop.

The field of Post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles Galaxy Studies has been, for want of a better (or actual) word, tizzified. He makes a fairly strong case. And he doesn't even mention Ian Russell starting on Opening Day in 2007.

My opinion. Sampson had lost the team on 6/6/06 (HAIL SATAN!), just like Sigi had lost the team in the middle of 2004. Sampson was never going to be able to handle the madness of the Beckham era, but in retrospect Frank Yallop was a tempermentally poor choice for a SuperClub, too. (Quakes partisans who wish to point out that he's done a splendid job with Darren Huckerby make a fine contrary case, but Huckerby doesn't have nearly the entourage/slime trail of Team Beckham.)

Which dovetails nicely with/is a perfect excuse for me to bring up Ives' interview last week with Joe Cannon. Another bombshell that students of The Decline and Fall of the Los Angeles Galaxy will debate for years:

Cannon might not agree with The Hammer that Yallop was at fault, but the wild card here in both analyses is Landon Donovan. Donovan predated Cannon and Yallop, but wasn't exactly an old-time Galaxy player. "Old time Galaxy players" to me screams out "Cobi Jones," but Cobi is still around. (At this point, I'm pictuing Cobi as Kif to Bruce Arena's Zap Branigan, but nevertheless, Cobi's still cashing Galaxy checks.)

However, as The Hammer points out, a whole bunch of other old-timers were culled pretty thoroughly. Peter Vagenas was the last of them, and it would be interesting to say the least to get his reaction to Cannon's thoughts.

There's also the possibility that, while the Yallop era might have seemed intolerable at the time, compared to the Gullit era it was a positive Saturnalia. Fortunately, Bruce Arena is here to turn it all arouHA HA HA HA HA oh god

(...by the way, are there unofficial SBI Mafia T-shirts out there?)