Was this deliberate?

Here’s a question for you all. Was this deliberate?

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elln4RG3SCY"]YouTube - Claude Davis elbows Roger Johnson[/ame]>

This happened on Saturday in the game between Crystal Palace and Cardiff City. Palace’s Claude Davis catches Cardiff’s Roger Johnson in the throat with an elbow. This left Johnson spitting up blood and having difficulty breathing, he had to spend the night in a high dependency unit in hospital.

Cardiff players and manager Dave Jones were incensed by what they feel was a deliberate and malicious attack by Davis. Indeed, Jones had to be restrained from going on the pitch to remonstrate with Davis.

Palace manager Neil Warnock felt that Davis had done nothing wrong and any contact was completely accidental with Johnson running into Davis’ elbow.

Cardiff have demanded an inquiry by the FA and want Davis punished, the incident was not in the referees line of sight so he received no card.

Cardiff’s star striker Michael Chopra had already left the game after a heavy challenge and Jones felt that is was a deliberate ploy by Palace to be overly physical in order to get a result.

Jones said after the game “We tried to play football and they tried to bash us. We were targeted, some of our players ought to have worn bullseyes”

Opinion is completely divided with some players saying it was deliberate and others saying it was an accident. Supports of both teams seem to be split on whether it was deliberate or not.

Cardiff’ winger Mark Kennedy said this; “Poor Roger's in a bit of a bad way… I certainly couldn't turn around and say it was done on purpose or wasn't, only Claude knows that, you'd like to think he's a good honest pro and it was accidental”.

"In fairness I've heard some players say they thought it was [accidental] and others thought it wasn't.”

My opinion is that Davis definitely moves his elbow towards Johnson, but like Mark Kennedy I don’t for a moment believe he intended to hurt him.
Cardiff won the game 0-2 and stay in the playoffs.

What do you think, deliberate or accidental?