Landin's Scorpion Goal

When I see a goal like this, I often wonder if it was luck, skill, both, or neither that caused the ball to go into the back of the net.

For an imprecise sport such as footie, goals like this, lucky or not, should be celebrated. Not even Landin could believe it worked.

[ame=""]Landin: Scorpion Goal[/ame]

That gives Mr. Landin 7 goals for the short season, making him the top-scoring national in the league.

Unfortunately for Cruz Azul, Cesar Villaluz tied the game with one of the ugliest own goals you'll ever see. La Máquina is mired in mediocrity, but luckily for them they are in the highly mediocre group 2. A few results fall their way, and they can put on their special liguilla shoes.