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Hey, look, iTunes! That's the place I downloaded the Colbert's Christmas Special soundtrack.


Don Garber stars in DC Crab. We talk with Fighting Talker's Ed "writered" Morgans - well, Kenn does. Me, I think Garber's bluffing, but I don't know for sure. Small part of the reason I don't play poker.

Want the US to host the World Cup? KILL NELSON MANDELA. That unfortunate conclusion can be drawn from our discussion of US Soccer's World Cup venue cavalcade. I should really think before I speak.

The future of soccer is indoors! And it's more popular than ever - otherwise there wouldn't be three leagues, right?

A bitter Galaxy fan refuses to accept that an expansion team is making his team look stupid! See if you can guess the team, and the fan!

Cut from this week's episode - Kenn and I discussed what Nile Kinnick's political fortunes would have been. Kenn has him taking him on JFK in '60, I think he's picked as Tricky Dick's running mate in '68. Wow! If that's the gold we're cutting out, imagine what we're leaving in! All on this week's Four at the Back.