Iowa City to host World Cup

According to US Soccer, although I read it first on Kenn's site.

Oh, sure, it hasn't "officially" been announced, but I think we can all agree that's a formality. Put a fresh coat of pink paint in the visitors' locker rooms - the World Cup is coming to Iowa City!

The only real question is whether Kinnick hosts the Final, or whether they're willing to settle for the opening game. The best solution of course is for Kinnick to host both, but I'm sure politics will play into it - it always does.

There's a serious reason that Kinnick, as well as several dozen clearly hilarious sites, are on this list. Two, actually. One - cheap publicity in non-traditional soccer markets. The absolute ideal is for these facilities to say, "There's interest for soccer here? And the national team draws fans in Nashville and Birmingham and Hartford? And we're stuck here with only six or seven big dates a year? Hm..." and make a bid for a garbage friendly. But for so incredibly little effort, the federation got themselves and the sport onto sports pages during the opening week of baseball season.

The other audience for this is worldwide, specifically for bidders who are above bribing (laugh track). The not-so-subtle subtext here is "Notice how Brazil and South Africa are still worrying about facilities? Not an issue here." It's also not an issue in England, though, so that's where the sheer numbers come into play. They padded it out with places like Kinnick Stadium (no lights to speak of) and Strawberry Canyon in Berkeley (no parking to speak of), but how good is the 70th best stadium in England, huh?