Bizarre Overtime Away Goal Caveat Does in Puerto Rico

Oh, CONCACAF, must you be so special? Is being a weak sister too much for you? Why do you tinker so with our accepted rules of footie decorum?

Away goals are hard to get in cup ties, which is why they are the first tie breaker in most if not all competitions. And that is true in CONCACAF except for the ones scored in overtime (where it is apparently easier to score that elusive away goal, and thus, not weighted). It's on page 6 of 33

After looking at the regulations, I had a moment of panic. Surely UEFA wouldn't have the same caveat. No. Away goals count double in a UEFA extra time. page 15 of 86

The game ended 2-0 after 90 with the final score 3-1 Cruz Azul (3-3 on aggregate). In any other confederation, iut would be Puerto Rico through to the final by virtue of their away goal. But since away goals aren't weighted in extra time, we went to the spot kicks. Cruz Azul prevailed.

I don't want to diminish what Cruz Azul did tonight. They played a man down for 90 of the 120 minutes of action and scored three goals to tie the aggregate twice. The cememteros relentlessly bombarded William Gaudette's goal to force 16 saves. Add that to the 11 saves he had in the first leg and you got a hockey stat. The last goal was a cheeky little header from Cesar Villaluz. They absolutely deserve to go through.

Cruz Azul won the semi-final fair and square in accordance to CONCACAF regulations. But in all fairness, some of the regulations needs to be changed.