Big Fun, Big Laughs, More of the Same - and Christian Vieri to LA?

I have to admit that it's hard not to be just a little uncomfortable with the fact that the Sounders, who've been in the league for about ten minutes now, are undefeated and unscored on after three games.

Expansion teams are supposed to politely suck for at least a couple of years (Chicago Fire circa 1998 notwithstanding) and wait their turn at the back of the line. The fact that these guys aren't following the New Guys Rulebook is almost as annoying as all that "We're Showing MLS How to Do Things The Right Way" baloney they spent all Winter tossing around.

But you know what? They're having themselves such a rousing good time that it's hard not to feel good about it. There's no question that they'll come to feel the angst and pain, the sturm und drang that the rest of us know so well as being part of the MLS experience soon enough. It's inevitable.

But in the meantime, watching a team and their fans have this damn much fun being part of our league is good for the soul.

Someone sent me a link to this video, which is not only pretty cool just on the merits of the action (would some other kind soul kindly identify the music for me? It's simply perfect) but has an "in your face" message at the beginning that shows a little attitude and one at the very end (about the 5:00 mark) that someone at MLS HQ ought to pay attention to, as it strongly implies the thing they surely should be fearing most right about now: payback.

[ame=""]YouTube - Seattle Sounders FC vs Toronto FC - Freddie Ljungberg's 1st MLS goal! Sounders FC First Road Win![/ame]

Among other things which are, I'm sure, entirely my fault, I'll offer THIS ITEM without further editorial comment.

Except perhaps THIS, which leaves unanswered the question of how in God's name you can possibly miss Drew Carey, unlike, say, KASEY KELLER who is still pretty spry for an older fellow and thus a line like: "Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller spent a few nervous minutes dodging cups tossed from the south end of the BMO Field" isn't cause for concern.

Stay tuned for the bizarro-world explanation of how I caused both of those events which will undoubtedly be along shortly. I'll be interested myself.

And for the other kind soul who emailed me yesterday and said "maybe radio isn't your thing, but on the other hand you still write pretty good" I can only say thanks, and I intend to keep doing it until somebody notices that shooting the messenger only gets you a big old pile of dead messenger but it doesn't solve the problem.

Up in Ottawa, the city which Commissioner Garber more or less promised an expansion team to if they can get a stadium built, they were scheduled to decide between a) building to suit a CFL team or b) building to suit an MLS team and instead seem to be leaning towards c) NONE OF THE ABOVE.

I'm beginning to see the logic in the posit from several commenters here and elsewhere that the solution is to get Eugene Melnyk to enter a bid on behalf of Montreal.

And maybe, if that works out, we can ship Mark Noorzai to St. Louis and Carlos Slim to...what? April Folls Day? Why didn't someone tell me? OK, then scratch that one.

In the wake of the sudden flurry of red cards issued to MLS players over the weekend, RIDGE MAHONEY brings up the now dog-eared but still interesting question of whether teams really ought to be allowed to replace players who are sent off, in the interests of keeping the game more even.

I've always thought it was one of the great things about soccer: if you commit a violent act it hurts not just you but your team as well.

I would however be very much in favor of a system whereby red card incidents are reviewed by a panel of competent authorities and if the referee was clearly wrong they have the power to cancel out the suspension, AS HAPPENED WITH BRAD FREIDEL RECENTLY.

Of course, in that particular case there was a very strong whiff of wanting to keep Bradley's consecutive games streak alive, and many observers felt that the mistake - if indeed there was one - was not so clearly in error as to justify overturning, but the principle applies.

MLS is quick to review incidents and extend suspensions when they feel it's warranted, but when they sit in the film room and review a case where the official was just plain wrong, simple common sense would seem to suggest that they make that ruling as well.

UPDATE: I am not about to get into whether some magazine I never heard of is a reliable source, but Goal is saying that CHRISTIAN VIERI is now in the US looking for an MLS spot.

Maybe it's just weird enough to be true. It's that kind of a week.

Finally, apropos of nothing whatsoever, I hereby offer some evidence - as if we needed some more - that there is no justice in this world, which in this case takes the form of a cozy dinner party at Elaine's; that's Miss USA on the left and Miss Universe on the right.

The miscreant in the middle needs no introduction.