It's Gonna Get Ugly

Somewhere, an asset has been put on stand by. Justified or not, a contract may be put out on SGE's coaching tenure in Mexico.

Mexico was out-hustled, out-muscled, out-foxed, out-classed, out-dirtied, well, just about everyhting they tried, Honduras did better. Mexico wasn't out-crazied, thanks to Nery Castillo, who went guano and Mike Singletary all at the same time.

Honduras got their qualification push back on track tonight. They played a great game. That's the Honduras that I would love to see in South Africa. And that was without Suazo.

This is the 5th away qualifier under SGE for Mexico, and they have one point to show for their troubles. Is that enough to fire the Swede? Considering the culture the coaches have to endure in Mexico, more than enough.

We may need this guy before the day is done tomorrow to hide bodies.