FMF Looking to Host Qualifier in US

As the FEMEXFUT continues to maximize its revenue potential from the Mexican expat market in the US, they are currently in negotiations with FIFA to host one of their last home World Cup qualifiers somewhere in the US . “We have always made a concerted effort to reach our audience in the US . 95% of our friendlies for the past 20 years in the have been in the US . The next step is hosting an official game. We are very excited to have this opportunity.” A spokesman for FEMEXFUT said.

The move makes a lot sense to them. And since Mexico uses FIFA rules more as guidelines anyway, there should be no repercussions from the Swiss Misters. For example, FIFA does not necessarily agree with Mexico ’s end of season player switcheroo (el draft), but have done nothing really to stop it. Therefore, Femexfut feels empowered to pretty much do whatever they want.

What they want to do this fall is make money. Their partnership with SUM over the years has done wonders for their bottom line. They can make more money with a meaningless friendly than they can with sold-out official matches at the Azteca. Tickets range from $250 US for VIP seats right behind the advertising banners to $40 US for behind the goal nosebleed seats. If they charged $40 for the nose bleeds at the Azteca, no one would show up. It’s a no-brainer.

The most obvious choice to host the qualifier would be Los Angeles . The greater LA area has 2 stadiums with capacities that mirror the Azteca.

The difference being, of course, is the mark up.

Both in the ticket prices and on the field.

It would be American football season, after all. LA’s stadia will be painted up for their fall gridiron tenants: USC and UCLA.

And then there’s Arlington.

Jerry Jones wants to host everything. And he may make an offer the Femexfut can’t refuse for the use of his new Jones Mahal. Jerry can offer up more seats, more concessions, and more mark up at the new cowboys stadium. Their interests align very well. Team success takes a backseat to profit for both.

What if Mexico has yet to qualify for the world cup? Would they still plan to play the game abroad? There is no reason to think that Mexico wouldn’t already have one of the tickets sewn up by then, so its full steam ahead. “We want to be qualified before October rolls round, ” FMF President, Justino Compean continued, “so that we can proceed with our mini tour of Europe in November.”

In addition to a world cup qualifier, FEMEXFUT is also looking to play the clásico nacional, Chivas vs. Club America , in the US as well. They do want to make sure, though, that the one who misses out on the home game is Chivas. FEMEXFUT wants to send a clear message to Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara, that he might be cock of the walk for now, but Televisa are still the ones who ultimately decide what is best for them. And what is best for them, of course, then trickles down to Mexican futbol….eventually, maybe, hopefully.