Stay away from the Gusanos de Maguey

Giovani Dos Santos has been ruled out for the Honduras game on Wednesday and is on his way back to England. Muscle tears, pulls, strains don’t have a magic elixir that can heal them. What they need is time, and for Gio, he didn’t have enough sand in the hourglass. Luckily for him, though, the next ties for qualifying won’t be for another two months, so he has plenty of time to get better, get some games in, and be ready for Mexico’s summer schedule.

Two other players did not make the trip to San Pedro: Edgar Castillo’s papers veren’t in ooorder, so he can’t travel outside of Mexico for him is currently verboten. And poor Ricardo Osorio has the stomach flu, or as my abuelita called it – turista. I’m guessing that chiles, huitlacoche, and gusanos de maguey aren’t staples of a balanced Teutonic diet. Some folks just have better control of that taco stand demon than others.

Mexico does get some good news on the player front, though, as Carlos Salcido and Carlos Vela are back from suspension. Both figure to play. It’ll be interesting if SGE opts for Salcido and Pinto on the flanks (Salcido can play either side effectively), or if he chooses to go with Oscar Rojas. Either way, there are starting positions up for grabs. Vela gives SGE a very dynamic option up front, and I’m sure he would like nothing more than to atone himself for the idiotic red card he got the last time Mexico went to San Pedro Sula.

With Honduras facing a must win game, Mexico has a great opportunity to prevent Honduras from holding serve. The lead up to the game is eerily similar to the one they just had. One team is wounded, unsure of itself, missing its best player, and in need of a win. This game, more than last Saturday’s, will serve as a truer barometer for Mexico’s progress under SGE. In other words, we’ll see if the stones have fallen for sure, or if we only got a false positive last on Saturday.

Are we sure this game isn’t being played in Laredo? The forecast calls for highs near 100, but cooling off to the low 80’s for game-time. No rain in the forecast.