CONCACAF qualifying semantics

Here’s an interesting thought. The games played in the process of trying to make the world cup are called qualifers in English. One is trying to qualify for the tournament. In Spanish, these games are called eliminatorias – I guess one is trying to avoid elimination from the get go. Is it a romance language thing, I wondered? No. The French call them jeux des qualifications as well.

The US-El Salvador match is going to be interesting. It wouldn’t seem like it is, but the Cuzcatlán is one of the toughest places to play in all of the Americas. It is the largest stadium in Central America with a capacity of 52 000. The cuzcatlecos are going to be primed. The US should escape with the 3 points, but it would not be a surprise if El Salvador steals a point like they did last month in TnT.

David Suazo’s absence will hurt the catrachos for the next few qualifiers, but the Socawarriors will also be without Dwight Yorke. Honduras should have enough without the Black Panther, and they do get Wilson Palacios back. If can energize Honduras like he did Tottenham, Honduras should leave the Islands with a win.

The Estadio Azteca is the scene for Mexico’s game vs. Costa Rica. I find it funny that while the Mexican media fixates on the famous Aztecazo in 2001, they seem to have forgotten that Costa Rica has not beaten Mexico since. That includes world cup qualifying, friendlies, and the gold cup. And they won’t tonight as well.