On a blog, no one can hear your aggravatingly nasal voice

So naturally, I need to have a podcast.

You know, I haven't co-hosted a show since there was a women's pro league? I have many hilarious stories about the old one. (The radio show, not the WUSA. I have comparatively few hilarious stories about the WUSA.)

This show is called Four At The Back. Carrying my dead ass will be the wonderful Kenn Tomasch - the first episode is here. I particularly recommend my final thoughts. Rest assured, that won't be the last time Kenn tosses me a softball, which I thereupon foul off my face.

I think this is the second podcast involving BigSoccer bloggers - the Fighting Talkers are going strong, of course. Aaron and Ed give you a full-strength hour, Kenn and I give you a bantamweight half hour. It goes by even quicker when I'm not talking.