Week 1 Alphabetical POWER RANKINGS!

Eastern Conference:
1. Chicago
2. Columbus
3. DC United
4. Kansas City
5. New England
6. New York
7. Toronto

Western Conference:
1. Chivas USA
2. Colorado
3. FC Dallas
4. Houston
5. Los Angeles
6. Salt Lake
7. San Jose
8. Seattle

No real surprises. Let's see how WPS looks going into the inaugural weekend:


1. Boston
2. Chicago
3. FC Gold Pride
4. Los Angeles
5. Sky Blue
6. St. Louis
7. Washington

Pretty much what you'd expect.

I would do a detailed WPS preview - really I would - but I'm so unqualified. I remember 1996, when I confidently handicapped the initial MLS season by who had the most US national team members. (For our younger readers - US national team members in the 1996 season were pretty much horrifying across the board. I mean, every last one of them, with the POSSIBLE, MARGINAL, BARELY JUSTIFIABLE exceptions of Agoos and Harkes. Cobi didn't get good until 1997, Meola didn't until he joined Kansas City, Lalas had to retire and unretire before he did, and Waldo, I love you, but you were more trouble than you were worth to your MLS employers.)

(So you know who I thought would meet in the final, with that criteria? Colorado and New England. I can laugh about it now.)

(I thought Etcheverry would be crap. What can I say? I thought Campos and Sanchez would be crap, too, and I got those right.)

Actually, for comedy purposes, maybe I should go through the rosters tomorrow and give highly inexpert previews. Hopefully someone like Beau or Melissa or Jacqueline Purdy will give a real one from which I can steal. Fox has a dedicated WPS page, as is appropriate considering FSC is showing the games, but they're still getting content from places like Associated Press. There's the official league site, of course, but I'm not really expecting a preview along the lines of "Boston (or whoever) will finish last - what a godawful collection of three-legged pigs they slapped together. Season tickets still available!"

I completely forgot to mention this, but Club America is playing Morelia in Santa Barbara on Sunday. I wonder if they will outdraw Chivas USA?

Hell, I wonder if they'll outdraw the Galaxy.

Or the Sol. I hope they don't outdraw the Sol, though. I want to support the most popular soccer team in Los Angeles.