Nery's Tirade

It's been a full 24 hours since Nery Castillo's stunning performance at the Tri daily presser. It was a doozy. Some selects:

"In Argentina and Brazil and Uruguay the media knows more about football. In Mexico, they criticize about everything but football. You are always looking for ways to criticize."

"It really doesn't matter to me what any of you say because nobody who is here has ever played football"

"You are all happy when things aren't going well with the national team. You never support us when the team is doing well."

Watch the whole thing

[ame=""]Nery se pone caliente[/ame]

The spectacle ended in near fisticuffs between Nery and one of the reporters. It made a boxing presser look like the NFL State of the League.

The reaction here at big soccer was overwhelming... in support of Nery. The Mexican press are not among the most professional in the world. They tend to gravitate to the least common denominator stories and report speculation as fact.

Driving home from work today, Dionisio Estrada (from Jorge Ramos y sus banda) was whining about how hard it is to get information from players and coaches. So since they aren't willing to let loose some info, he feels justified in speculating or even fabricating information because he didn't get what he wanted from the team he was covering. I wish I was making this up. Of course, he and most of Mexico’s “journalists” wanted to send Nery up the flagpole for having the nerve to criticize them.

Nery made all the headlines today, of course. And, in their never-ending quest to full their self created controversies, the press missed the story. John Sutcliffe reported on futbol picante that the other players reacted by congratulating Nery. You know, having the guts to say what needed to be said. That was the most important piece of news. By lashing out against the press, Nery took the pressure off the National Team and galvanized them into a cohesive unit. But that would never be news to a group that waits with baited breath for a team to fail, would it?