Femexfut Responds to Rafa

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Fifa.com posted an interview this week with Rafa Marquez. Marquez showed to be honest and apologetic about his most recent actions. Thanks for that, Rafa (the apology, not the action). Rare is the athlete who admits fallibility. But the comment that is causing even more ripples (shockwaves, really) is his one word treatise on the state of Mexican footie-- stagnant.

A few days later, it is now the very President of the FMF himself, Justino Compeán, who is echoing the sentiments of the Mexican skipper. “The recent results we’ve seen, failing to qualify for the Olympics and the U20 cannot be concealed. We can’t cover the sun with our thumb, it is obvious that we have fallen into an inert state and we can’t deny it. We have mis-stepped from the very start, in coaching and planning, to cultivate good players.”

So what are you going to do about it, Tino? Well if he’s looking for suggestions, he can read the fora here at Bigsoccer. We can provide him with plenty of ideas: limiting ownership to one team, creating an autonomous second division, limiting the number of foreigners.... One change he can make, and is strongly considering, is modifying the local tournament. One can only hope that means the end of the two-season season.

The first step in dealing with any problem is to admit that the problem exists. Admitting failures is not the FMF’s strong suit, so it’s a big step for the FMF to recognize publicly that there is trouble in paradise. They are virtuosos, however, in the art of assigning balme to everything and everybody else except themselves. Will Rafa's choice of words effect change for the better in Mexico? Ojalá que s