It's not green being easy

Some freelance photographer decided to crack wise about our beloved Los Angeles Galaxy yesterday:

Well, for your information, Mr. Carey, you couldn't be more wrong. Expansion teams have happy fans who look forward to the season and have hope for the future.

Furthermore...yeah, he's absolutely right, as who would dispute, but saying it out loud isn't clever. Expansion teams don't have Landon Donovan, who goes from Bixby to Ferrigno when slighted. Yes, I'm aware that he's currently in year three of a playoff boycott. But unless Seattle's going to schedule their Galaxy games in Leverkusen, it's best not to stick a fork in that particular toaster.

Speaking of people wearing ridiculous shades of green, happy St. Patrick's Day.

Helpful phrases for today:

Erin go bragh - Irish go home

Slainte - Green food coloring causes HIV

Go n'eiri en bothar leat - We'd all be better off today if Patrick had driven out the Irish and converted the snakes

My family and I will be spending St. Patrick's Day the way it's traditionally celebrated - i.e., not being in Ireland.