Opinion Power!

Climbing the Ladder has set up a poll about how YOU feel about MLS.

1. Do you approve or disapprove of the job Don Garber is doing as MLS commissioner?

Full disclosure - I hope to interview the guy at some point, so I've got some motivation not to answer this question with "Don Garber should be sent to The Hague as a war criminal."

That said - okay, look, nothing against Phil Woosnam, but just today, MLS announced that Volkswagen is still on board. So is Panasonic. The games are on two different national networks (I know, something Woosnam did not have as an opportunity). And yeah, he's got some big tests coming up that will make judgments a little premature - how he handles the CBA negotiations, how he handles this and the next round of expansions, etc.

Still - you'd rather have Bud Selig?

2. Do you approve or disapprove of the job ESPN is doing with their MLS broadcasts?

You know what, sure. Yeah. I like Harkes and Dellacamera. Okay, so they could go easy on hyping players that are certain no-shows. Okay, so they bailed out on Thursdays. They've learned a lot from mistakes in the past (although they need to bring back Waldo, today if possible, if not then certainly by South Africa '10). I also don't hate Julie Foudy nearly as much as the vast majority of you.

3. Two years later: Do you approve or disapprove of the signing of David Beckham?


4. Do you feel that MLS as a whole is too "traditional," too "Americanized," or just right?

Nicknames and playoff structure are dealt with below, which just leaves...well, the ownership structure is very Americanized, the rules on the field are the same everywhere.... Oh, wait, sponsor names on jerseys. Too traditional.

5. For MLS teams, do you prefer "American style" nicknames (Galaxy, Rapids, Wizards) or traditional "soccer names" (United, FC, Real)?

American style, since a lot of the truly horrible ones have been weeded out, while we're still stuck with Real Salt Lake.

6. Assuming that it was feasible, would you prefer a multi-division MLS with promotion and relegation, or an NFL style large league with playoffs?

7. Which team has the nicest soccer-specific stadium?

Just going by TV on a few of these, but still HDC. I have no trouble believing that if I went to Rio Tinto or the Dickhouse, I'd fall in love with those places, but it's been five years now and I still love Victoria Street.

8. Which foreign signing will have the greatest impact on MLS this season?

None of the above. Someone like Christian Gomez or Blanco or Huckerby, signed in August.

9. Which American signing will have the greatest impact on MLS this season?

If the answer ISN'T Convey, then something went horribly wrong. Ty Harden, huh?

10. Who is the best MLS player at this moment in time?

You know what, I'm going to go with the crowd on this. GBS is the defending MVP, and until proven otherwise, that's the definition of the term. Sorry, Landon.