Pyramid Power!

I'm a week late with this, but:

LA Sol to be sponsored by Amway.

I know ITTET that there's a limited pool of sponsors, and after years of railing about Herbalife and Omnilife, and weeks of rolling eyes about Amway sponsoring the Quakes, there's only a couple of things left to add.

1. When Amway came for the Earthquakes, I said nothing. When Amway came for the Sol, I cried like a baby, but no one was left to speak up for me. Well, actually, plenty of people were left, but they just thought it was funny that I had to cheer for yet another team with a humiliating sponsor.

2. What the hell is it with AEG and utterly reprehensible sponsors? Yes, in retrospect, Citibank would be embarrassing right about now as well. Can't there be one team in the HDC that isn't wearing the sponsor equivalent of a leisure suit?

3. What's with AEG continually playing competing pyramid schemes against each other? Yes, putting up Herbalife signs in the stadium to annoy Jorge Vergara was very funny. But it's gone too far. And how does Herbalife feel about Amway hopping onto their turf? They presumably couldn't do anything about the Quakes, but the Sol?

I asked about this kind of thing before, and was told that technically, Omnilife had nothing to do with Chivas USA, so officially, Chivas USA was fine with "Herbalife" being literally everywhere on the corner of Victoria and Avalon. Much like diet pills proscribed by the FDA, I didn't buy it. This business, despite the "But we're different leagues! And we're only 50% owners!", is arguably even more brazen. If you're a business owner, try a similar stunt with Coke and Pepsi, or McDonald's and Burger King, and see how quickly that business relationship sours.

At least I don't feel the need to buy a shirt now.

We have touched bottom, right? I mean, Enzyte isn't going to sponsor a WPS team any time soon, are they?