The USL - Troll the World

I know Mark is kinda kidding around with this, because he calls it "the MLS," a mistake he's avoided in the past. At this point, it's like saying Southern Cal or Man U - there's no other reason to say it except to irritate the sort of people who would be irritated by it. (Like me, and other MLS partisans.)

You'd think a lot of this would have been asked and answered when Seattle actually chose MLS players in the expansion draft, rather than proudly saying "We don't need your charity! We were good enough to win the USL with the guys we have, and by God, we're good enough to win MLS Cup! Sounders assemble! Roger Levesque, and away!"

Francisco Marcos, though....he may be genuinely trying to sell this.

Hey, you know what? This is a fantastic idea. Let's take him up on it. But not just a play-in game. Let's have an entire tournament, between every USL club and every MLS club.

But why stop at the USL? Let's open this tournament up to every club in the country! If a USL team wins this cup, then of course they should qualify for the Champions League.

Sad but true.

At least, in the United States. Toronto FC? If you'd like to absolutely beat the snot out of Montreal in the Riboflavin Championship (or whatever it's called) this year, just so we can stop hearing this, that would be great. Free scouting report: I hear the Impact tend to take their foot of the pedal in the second half.