Blogging at 35 000 ft

I fly southwest almost exclusively. So its pretty cool that I am able to post this afternoon somewhere above South Texas (close to wear Dick Cheney plunked his huntin' buddy, I would guess). It's a new service they are trying out, and I am glad to oblige.

Perhaps Mexico will try something new tonight. It amazes me that a team that has a pretty decent amount of talent on the offensive end has such a hard time scoring goals. Is it because Mexico feels that the only goals they can score have to be pretty goals. Can they only pull the trigger from inside the 6 yard box? It's not a secret that Mexico likes to walk it in, but for a team that is easily frustrated, doesn't that add to their anxiety if they can't get the goals the way the want?

Mexico's friendlies (tonight 9 PM EDT, 6 PM PDT v. Bolivia) always tend to be a little more contentious than most. And since the Tri has only one victory in their last 7 matches (4 official), there is added pressure to get a result.

It's always hard to gauge anything from friendlies other than individual performance. And the second half should not be judged at all, particularly if all 6 subs are used. As a fan, tonight I would like to see Mexico increase their scoring chances. I am also keen on seeing Paul Aguilar and Chema Cardenas from Pachuca. Edgar Castillo and Cesar Villaluz have a great chance to warrant future call ups.

Most of all, I want players to play with an abandon and confidence that forces SGE to account for them. Mexico will be watching SA2010 from home if they continue their timid play, especially on the road. So nut up, Mexico. Let your butts actually cash the checks that your mouth is so fond of writing for a change.

Gotta go, the steward is giving me that look.