Beatniks are out to make it rich

FREE LANDON aw crap.

How to describe what I'm feeling.

Okay. Let's say you're Mike Farrell. Mumia Abu-Jamal has been free for forty-five minutes, and he's gone on a killing spree in an orphanage while screaming "MASH went totally downhill after Trapper John left!"

What can I say? I really thought Klinzi was going to be his guardian angel here. He might not start every game, but he'd be at a big club, against quality players, and away from the Galaxy trainwreck.

I'm surprised this:

doesn't actually translate as this:

We might have avoided one nightmare scenario - Munich making a reasonable offer that was rejected by AEG, leading to Donovan being forced to play for the Galaxy against his will. Which would have meant him phoning in club performances while focusing on staying fit for his country. But fortunately, such a scenario will be inconceivable this year. I love irony.

It's official. The Galaxy are the Gilligan's Island of MLS. Hey, at least people occasionally get rescued in "Lost." The original plan might have been for him to phone it in until the next transfer window, like Guzan did and like I keep hoping against hope that Kljestan will do. But now we're ITTET, and the money might not be there for an undersized, mercurial tweener with international commitments who's way too good for MLS but not good enough for the G-14.

It's tempting to console myself with possibilities of substandard La Liga or Premiership teams that could use Donovan - Newcastle! Spurs! Real Sociedad! Barcelona! - but he won't have a friend on the technical staff the way he did with Klinsmann. The real best option for him is to suffer through this year, and then in 2011, when Arena has taken a job back East and Beckham has gone to Qatar, Donovan can settle back down with the armband and lead the Galaxy again.

Or, and I'm nowhere near the first to suggest this, the comedy option is Club America. He speaks the language, they could clearly use the talent, he can't stand Chivas either. Match made in heaven.